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In these times of family moral and ethical challenge, I belive fathers should be resolute to show their daughters love and prepared to guide and support them in life. There are pressures for young women, peer pressure to engage in sex, to experiment with drugs, dating, tests to their morals/values and tests of finding their way in life. Daughters are a reflection of father and mother, a genetic blend that is more than just genes and chromosomes.
Foundation of Relationship
Girls love their daddies, the love that is shared is a foundation for future relationships that either blossom healthily or generate to chaos. I believe that a father’s relationship with their daughter, built on trust and communication; verbal and nonverbal, a trust that daddy will  provide, to shelter, to comfort and be strong in sickness and health. There are wedding vows and there are vows for fathers and daughters unspoken, but emotionally and psychologically reaching. Fathers are not aware of the impact they have on their daughter’s emotional, psychological and relational development. The foundations of their relationship can be developed from open and honest communication, an exchange of ideas and sharing experiences. History will judge fathers by the behavior of their daughter and son, what their choices are in life and the outcomes. I try my hardest to be consciously aware of this. I try to understand that a girl’s foundation for relationships are shaped by the rapport with her father and her father’s interaction with the mother. In simple terms, girls who see their mothers being treated disrespectfully sometimes come to tolerate that treatment. girls who see their mother doing the majority of the caring for her will select a mate that will display the same level of involvement in the family. If dad puts her second because of work or other, “more important” things, she’ll select a mate that will put her second. If daddy only contributes financially, this is what she’ll look for in a mate and these will be her only expectations of him as a father to their children.  I’ve made a vow to do my best to limit the amount of “daddy issues” that my daughter is exposed to and o avoid creating a generational lifestyle that will hurt her in future years.
Teaching Mind
I try to use every opportunity to teach my daughter the lesson that I believe will assist her. I’ve done this by developing a teaching mind by going. I go on dates with my daughter and teach her how a “gentleman” treats a lady, what expectations she should have and demand. I teach her that her opinion is valuable and I encourage her to think through problems for herself. I teach her the definition of friendship. How to be a good one and how one should treat her. I teach confidence,  independence and self reliance. My goal is to prepare her for success in family, career, and life decisions. At times I feel that she won’t remember these lessons but every once in awhile she shows that she’s absorbing what is being taught. Your daughter will remember what daddy taught her as to how she should be treated and not settle. Building a strong foundation now will establish future success.

Stepfathers you have a responsibility to show that non-biological fathers can be good fathers, it is not easy, you fill a void that transcends biology. There will come a time when your “daughter” will need your help in life and will call on the “father” that she knows. Dads are like the threads to this tapestry.  Although underrated, we are the corner stone, the foundation, the rock that weathers the storms of life to keep stability and peace.
Education Builds Success
Teach your daughter they are smart, intelligent, tough and creative. Success is not always sums of money, fancy cars or expensive clothes. Success can also mean obtaining a good education to provide for self; not depending on others to do for you, but being able to do for their own. Education is the key to a woman’s continued self growth and reliability on their skills and talents. Guard your daughters from negativity and low self-esteem, guided them to knowledge and self awareness. Fathers must help prepare daughters for the boardrooms, courtrooms, classrooms, conference rooms, presidential rooms, and surgical rooms.
There are many challenges, distractions, successes and compromises in parental relationships. Fathers must be more diligent to keep lines of communication open. Daughters need a close relationship with their fathers; in many cases they do not know how to ask for it. Fathers your job is to show your daughter how great she is and how awesome she can become.

Although challenging, this is what I strive towards.

Thanks for dropping by the BoogieandMe.com. using my relationship as a guide this site will be devoted 100% to the critical relationship between a daughter and her father.

Check the tabs above for more information on Daddy-Daughter Dates. I’ve also included learning resources that I use with my daughter.

The goal is simple: have deep and healthy relationships with our daughters and have fun doing it. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for being a dad.