Boogie’s Words of the Day

african_father_reading_to_daughter_on_bed_BLD068421Boogie’s Word of the Day started as both of us being in “Dollar General” one day and we were looking at the children workbooks. I saw an inexpensive dictionary and thesaurus that only cost a buck so I bought 2 of each. I thought it would be a good idea to have a, “word of the day”. I turned it into a game by texting her a new word on her cell phone everyday, every other day, or when I remembered, haha. I began noticing that Boogie would have trouble reading some of her books because of her limited vocabulary, so I realized that it was best to use the words from the books she was actually having trouble reading. So while I read or while she read alone,  I told her to write down any word  that she didn’t recognized. We would later define them and I’ll have her put them into a sentence so she could understand how it should be used. So this is how we developed her vocabulary list. Doing things this way I’m seeing that she retains the meaning of the words more easily. But I started to see that we both were forgetting the words she’s learned. As a solution to that problem I’m developing this page so we can always go back to the words she’s learned if she ever forgets. ISo this was created for her and you can use it and enjoy it as well. This list will be updated often.