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FLL ( First Lego League )

First Lego League is a competition where you make a robot to do missions. This year’s challenge is about trash trek. All fll teams must learn bout trash for heir project

The Moral Dilemma of Christmas

Well it’s Christmas season again!! The one thing BoogieandMe love is Christmas!! Decorating the tree!! Our yearly trip to Manhattan to see “The Tree” at Rockefeller Center!! Making ornaments at the local pottery shop!! The creative genius involved in planning gifts because in the BoogieandMe household, we know that the best gift that you can give someone doesn’t cost money!! It cost your time!!

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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised but The Destruction Will Be

[info]Those that know me, know that I write often on family and social issues in the African-American community. Most of my writings are only heard by a select few ears. I just save them and plan to make edits and changes to perfect them later. Often “later” never occurs and the inventory of writing have become a journal of thoughts. But I guess the

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Father of the Civil Rights Movement

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Father of the Civil Rights Movement Today is the observation of Dr. Martin Luther Kings Jr. birthday. Father of the Civil Rights movement. One of the greatest fathers that has ever lived.  A man of good moral character and of good integrity. A great man. A great day.  An American man of African descent. A man with a

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I Give Thanks

Last night was like any other night in the BoogieAndMe household. Boogie falls asleep on the sofa, I tell her to get into bed, she stumbles walking to her room because she still half sleep, midway in the hallway she says to me “Daddy Can you tuck me in?”I say “Sure, I’ll be right there.” I tuck her in. Turn on her butterly light

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Are we teaching our kids that Dad is not around?

I watching two DRASTICALLY different programs this weekend and maybe I’m making a mountain out of a molehill here, but I was so taken back by the drastic

Father and Daughter Relationships

by Dr. Beverly Block I feel that the childhood relationships you had with the parent of the opposite sex has had the most influence on the adult you. How you feel about yourself as a woman goes back to how your Daddy treated his Little Girl.   Did he listen to what you had to say? Did he respect your opinions and welcome your

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