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Cost-Benefit Analysis

On Superbowl Sunday BoogieandMe used the earlier part of the day  to plan her newest recipe to the “The J Boogie Cookbook” that is currently in production. She decided that she wanted to do her show on “Cake Pops”. So we did our research and I found an assortment of  “How to Make Cake Pops” videos on Youtube for her to watch. While she

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As The Season Ends…

Today as the holiday season ends and a new year begins, I found myself reflecting on the newly created memories that this holiday season has created for BoogieAndMe to bring into the new year. One that stands out the most is of this Christmas past. These memories has made it one of the best Christmas ever!! It started before the holidays when I asked

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Memorable Moments: Father Daughter Dance

Father Daughter Dance 2009 This is BoogieAndMe 2009 Father Daughter Dance for her dance school recital. It was actually a “Fathers Make Fools of Themselves Dance”. I’m far from a dancer but I enjoyed every minute of it. Enjoy!!! [jwplayer mediaid=”1630″]

2009 Ballet Recital: Cinderella “So This Is Love”

2009 Ballet Recital: Cinderella “So This Is Love” Boogie’s 2009 ballet recital performance. It’s hilarious!!! I believe this was her second year of ballet. They practiced and planned for months. But I don’t think the instructor took one thing into consideration. It’s hilarious what a little addition such as artificial smoke can do to months of planning and preparation. Hahaha!! The performance was still

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