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FLL ( First Lego League )

First Lego League is a competition where you make a robot to do missions. This year’s challenge is about trash trek. All fll teams must learn bout trash for heir project

Boogie’s Experiment #1 – What would happen if I hid a moist sandwich under my bed?

Question:   What would happen if I hid a moist sandwich under my bed for a week? Hint: It would turn into something you would not and should not eat! Let’s test our hypothesis. Materials Needed: Methods: Add a piece of bread to the test tube. Use the dropper to drip warm water onto the bread until the bread is wet. Empty the excess

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what i did this weekend

In this video Boogie describes what BoogieAndMe did over the weekend and our challenges with the Cosmic Rocket that Santa brought to her for Christmas made from the finest plastic in China. Hahaha. Enjoy!!!!! [jwplayer config=”rana” mediaid=”2135″]

Memorable Moments: Father Daughter Dance

Father Daughter Dance 2009 This is BoogieAndMe 2009 Father Daughter Dance for her dance school recital. It was actually a “Fathers Make Fools of Themselves Dance”. I’m far from a dancer but I enjoyed every minute of it. Enjoy!!! [jwplayer mediaid=”1630″]

2009 Ballet Recital: Cinderella “So This Is Love”

2009 Ballet Recital: Cinderella “So This Is Love” Boogie’s 2009 ballet recital performance. It’s hilarious!!! I believe this was her second year of ballet. They practiced and planned for months. But I don’t think the instructor took one thing into consideration. It’s hilarious what a little addition such as artificial smoke can do to months of planning and preparation. Hahaha!! The performance was still

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I had the best birthday ever.

For my birthday me and my daddy cooked my birthday dinner. first me and my daddy made my birthday dinner. it was beef pot pies. my daddy had to help me a lot on this one because we needed to use the stove. it tasted great . Then we made mango cheesecake. I got to do all the work. my daddy did some of

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P. Nokio and D.C. Cupcakes

P. Nokio and D.C. Cupcakes [jwplayer mediaid=”1303″] Boogie talks about P. Nokio and D.C. Cupcakes. P. Nokio, a Hip-Hop musical at ImaginationStage Children’s Theatre in Bethesda, MD. The story is about G.Petto, an ingenious designer of computer games who works for the evil Machine Master. One day he discovers that his new character, P.Nokio, can escape the computer! G.Petto is delighted at the prospect

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Boogie’s First Video Blog

[jwplayer mediaid=”1297″] Go to this video 🙂 !

The question of the day :-)!

What flowers do hummingbirds like? orange purple green put your name after and color 🙂 !