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The J Boogie Cookbook: Recipe #4 – Boogie’s Mozzarella Breadsticks

Boogie’s Mozzarella Breadsticks,  garlic…cheese…butter….bread …Mmmmmm – the perfect combination.  Great snack or appetizer. Eat with marina sauce, butter or olive oil. [jwplayer mediaid=”2252″] [gmc_recipe 2220]          

The J Boogie Cookbook: Recipe #2 – Beef Pot Pies

 [jwplayer mediaid=”1578″] [gmc_recipe 1587]

The J Boogie Cookbook: Pumpkin Muffins

BoogieAndMe have an hobby of taking photographs of different places together. She has graduated from a kiddie camera to an actual “Point and Click” camera. After introducing this hobby, I’ve noticed that she likes the video recorder feature above all things on her camera. I noticed she just like recoding video in general. It can be on her camera or her tablet. She just

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