Chick-fil-a Daddy Daughter Date Night 2013

daddy daughter date night

Chick-fil-a Daddy Daughter Date Night 2013


Fathers and daughters can get some unexpected quality time over a weeknight dinner.

A number of Chick-fil-a restaurants are hosting Daddy Daughter Date Night on  Thursday, Oct. 14th & 15th. During the event, part of the restaurant is reserved for dads and their daughters, and service is sit-down style rather than the usual order-at-the-counter fast food model. Special touches, like carnations for daughters and placemats printed with questions to get dads and daughters talking to each other, are included.

Reservations are required via the website, but the only cost is the regular menu price of food and drink ordered. Seatings are at 4:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Fathers with daughters of any age are welcome, and fathers may bring more than one daughter.


Boogie and I have attended one of these date nights and they are awesome.  You will see Chick-fil-a in a way you’ve never seen before!!  We made a reservation in advance. We were seated. Our order was taken. We talked. We laughed and had a great dinner. Only downside was I had to hear all night from Boogie that it wasn’t a date because Dad’s can’t date their daughters, smh, lol. It was a great experience worthy of you and your lovely lady wearing your finest evening wear (this is totally optional, lol).  Because of scheduling conflicts  BoogieandMe won’t be able to attend this year but I hope that you get a chance to make it out. If you may know a Dad that doesn’t have plans that evening, spread the word. Thank you for being a Dad!!!



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