Daddy Daughter Date #48 – Life’s Lessons

‘Daddy Daughter Date #48 – Life’s Lessons’

Things you’ll need:


  • Life
  • Time
  • Love


This recipe is written a little different than most found on BoogieandMe. It more of a story that you can take away from it what you’d like. Enjoy!


Last reporting quarter Boogie made 2nd tier honor roll which is called ‘Retriever Honor Honor_rollRoll’. You get Retriever Honor Roll by getting a combination of ‘A’s and ‘B’s. I did the usual, congratulated her, encouraged her, etc. Then I asked, ‘Can you tell me about Principal Honor?” Principal Honor Roll is the 1st tier honor roll. She began to tell me that to get Principal Honor Roll, you would need to get straight A’s. I said to her, “That sounds exciting!” Is it something that you want? She responded, “Yes”. I asked, “Do you think you can get it?” She responds and says, “I don’t know?” I then asked, do you want me to help you get it?” She says “Yes!” So I said sit down.

I explained to her that the following lessons will help her to get about anything that she wants in life.


  • Step #1 – You have to want it!

    I explained to Boogie that in order to get anything, you have to first want it and believe that you can acquire it.

Me: Do you really want it?

Boogie: I guess…

Me: “I guess won’t get it for you!! Do you really want it!?!

Boogie: Yes…

Me: Say it like you mean it! DO YOU REALLY WANT IT!?!

Boogie: YES!!! I WANT IT!?!

Me: Ok, we’re %75 of the way there. In order to acquire anything, you have to first want it more then anything!


  • Step #2 – Let other people know what you want and they’ll help you get there. Ask for feedback!

    I explained to Boogie that in order to acquire Principal Honor Roll it involved communication between her and her teachers. I explained to her she should go to her teachers and make them aware that she’s trying to achieve Principal Honor Roll. She needed to know the steps to take to improve on the classes she has received B’s in.

Me: Have you talked to your teachers?

Boogie: Yes.

Me: What did they say?

Boogie: Mrs. Docklin said I would have to focus on my work more and put in more effort.

Me: Ok. Can you do that?

Boogie: Yes.

Me: Ok. I explained to Boogie that she had now made her teachers aware of what she was striving towards and they will help her get to her goal. Check back with them frequently to gauge where you stand, and I guarantee that you will be on Principal Honor Roll at the end of the quarter!


  • Step #3 – Just do it!

    I explained to Boogie that now she’s received feedback from her teachers, she has to focus on doing what they asked of her. In turn, she’ll be rewarded with Principal Honor Roll.

So, interim report cards were distributed, Boogie has one B in Mrs. Riley’s class. Mrs. Riley wasn’t Boogie’s primary teacher, so Boogie didn’t establish a line of communication with Mrs. Riley. She asked me what she should do?. I explained, don’t worry, there’s more then enough time. It should be easy, to pull that ‘B’ to an ‘A’. Just remember what I told you and get feedback from Mrs. Riley.

Me: Have you talked to Mrs. Riley?

Boogie: Yes.

Me: What did she say?

Boogie: She asked me what was my grade now and I told her a ‘B’. She looked in her book and said, I have a high ‘B’. An 89%. I should be fine. Just keep doing what I’m doing and turn in all of my assignments. I should be fine.

Me: Awesome!! Well there you have it!

So it appeared that Boogie was well on her way to achieving Principal Honor Roll, but one day she comes home and says, “Daddy I don’t think I’m going to make Principal Honor Roll. She explained that someone said that they saw her grades and they didn’t think she would get Principal Honor Roll.  I told her don’t worry about what someone says to you, you’ve worked hard and I think you’re going to get it and even if you don’t you’re well on your way to getting it next quarter. But don’t let what someone says to you keep you from wanting what you’re working towards.I don’t care how close they are to you.


Report Card Week

Friday: Report cards were suppose to be distributed but for some reason they weren’t. But Boogie says to me, “Daddy I think that I made Principal Honor Roll!” I asked why do you think you made it?” She says, I saw one yellow certificate on Mrs. Docklin’s desk and I think it was mine!” I said, “I know it was yours!!”

Monday: I received a phone call from one of Boogie’s teachers. I answered expecting to hear the teachers voice, but it was Boogie, it seems she couldn’t wait until she got home to share the news. She says, “Daddy I made Principal Honor Roll!!!!!” I’m not sure what happened next, I vaguely recall screaming for joy, “Boogie made Principal Honor Roll!!” while my co-workers looked at me like I’ve finally gone off the deep end!!

I then said to her, Congratulations! You got it because you first wanted it. You did what needed to be done to deserve it.

I tell Boogie all the time, it’s not my responsibility to give you what you want. It’s my responsibility to give you the tools that you need for success. A lot of parents believe it’s their responsibility to just provide for there children, defend them, cater to them, initiate battle for them. They have no idea how they’re robbing them. Boogie made Principal Honor Roll on her own. I just provided guidance to how she can more easily accomplish that goal. It was her that opened up dialogue with her teachers. She was the one that requested their feedback. She was the one that made the necessary changes. She was the one that measured her success. She wanted it and she got it. I am so proud of her!! A lot of parents fear when a child becomes independent. They don’t feel as needed. Little do they know they’re destroying that child’s true chance for success in this world. A child that is given everything, having everything done for them, and is always told what to do, is a child that becomes an adult that must be given everything and told what to do. What a child does with their independence is a true display of how good of a job parenting you are doing. I have never been more proud of Boogie! The life lesson I gave to Boogie can be applied in any situation where you would like to achieve success. Some of us are too prideful to ask for feedback. We’re perfect. Why would I ask someone else what I could do better? In my experience, only the unsuccessful have these thoughts.

My Boogie has made Principal Honor Roll!!!!





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