Daddy Daughter Date Idea #19 – A Good Audio Book

Daddy Daughter Date Idea #19 – A Good Audio Book


Things you’ll need:

    • a good audio book
    • time

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADaddy Daughter Date #19 – Instead of watching a movie together, or reading a book together, do something a little different. Listen to a good book. Yes!!! Listen to a good book. Go to a site like or Have her pick out a book. Purchase the book. If your daughter is anything like mine here’s the hard part….tapping into the imagination. Have a little talk with her. Excite her!! Explain to your daughter how movies, books and art are created. Explain to her that most good movies begin as good books. Explain to her that all art has a story. Explain to her that most movies, books and art begins in someones imagination. In their mind. Explain that someone took the words in the book and brought it to life on camera with their imagination and made a movie for her to watch. Take time to explain to her that everything around her was created from someones imagination. Explain to her the true power of her imagination. That she can create a whole movie just by thinking about it.  Tell her that the imagination makes it possible to experience a whole world inside of her mind. It gives her the ability to be any character that she want to be in the book.  Anyone she wants to be in life. It allows her to see the world they’re in through the characters eyes. Challenge her to use her imagination while listening to the book.  So now find a comfy spot. Lay back. Press play! If you fall asleep, that’s okay. This is a multiple day date. At each interval or chapter, ask her to explain to you what she saw in her imagination. Talk about where the story was set. Ask her to describe it. Ask how it smelled? How was the food? Ask about the temperature? Who was her favorite character? Ask her to describe them? etc. This is one one the better dates because on this date you can go anywhere you want to go and have any adventure that you want to have. The more you go, the more fun it becomes. A good book will assist you on the trip but pretty soon you two will be able to go anytime you want with little to no assistance at all.

[info]In adulthood one of the things that I realized that I haven’t seen in awhile was my imagination. I also took notice that my daughter’s love for television was causing her not to use hers much. It’s always good to be able to break away from the real world every now and then.  Some of us forget how to and others of us may have never learned. If you’ve forgotten how to use yours, close your eyes and take the time to remember. Show you daughter that no matter what, her imagination will be the one place where everything is exactly what she wants it to be. Teach her to never allow herself to forget that it’s there. Help her remember how to always get there.[/info]



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