Daddy Daughter Date Idea #20 – Video Games

Daddy Daughter Date Idea #20 – Video Games


Things you’ll need:

    • a good game
    • time

father daughter wiiDaddy Daughter Date #20 – Playing video games together can have a positive effect between father and daughter. It promotes bonding and unity. Some video games, like classic arcade and sports games, are perfect for you two to play together. You can’t beat the classics like Pac-man, Dig Dug, Galaga, etc.  Between turns, you can discuss strategies or trash talk one another. If you want to promote fitness in your household, you probably can benefit from playing games like Wii Fit, which can promote physical activity or it’ll just have you looking like a fool running in place or hula hooping around your living room (I had to google the spelling of hula hoop, lol). There are also educational video games like The Daring Game for Girls based on the bestseller, “The Daring Book for Girls” which can be beneficial because it teaches educational facts about famous women in history.


Video Game Rules

Battle for the first controller: I always wondered why does the person with the inferior motor skills and the weaker eye-hand coordination always wants the first controller (Boogie). Haha!! If your daughter is like mine, just keep the peace and give it to her. So what if it takes an extra 10 minutes to select the menu items as she aimlessly points the Wii remote at the television saying, “I don’t see the pointer Daddy?” That beats her whining about how it isn’t fair that you always get the first controller.

Let her win: Because when a Dad wins that’s something that isn’t fair as well. But if she tends to gloat about her several victories, just casually manage to skunk her the next go around. Be prepared to hear that your win wasn’t fair. smh.

Work together: The best games to play are ones where you’re working together. BoogieandMe like playing Lego Star Wars and some of the Mario Bros. Games. Teamwork is the best work. It also cuts down on the whining.

Please Read!!!!!

Competitive & Fighting Games: The Namco Museum Remix has a lot of the classics (Pac-Man, Dig-Dug, etc) as well as updated versions of the games. The new with the old. The best of both worlds. Fighting games are also awesome.  The best fighting games are the ones where the only thing you need to do is press buttons. They’re called “Button Mashers”. They’re always fun!!!! These are games like “Super Smash Brothers Brawl”  Please consider that competitive and fighting games will cause the most discord between Dad’s and Daughters!!! They are not for the novice couple. Above all things….

If you don’t remember anything else, just remember to let her win!!!!




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