Daddy Daughter Date Idea #22 – Coin Collecting

Things you’ll need:

    • a binder
    • 2×2 Coins Currency Holders Inserts Sleeves Collector Pages
    • 2×2 Cardboard COIN HOLDER MYLAR FLIPS
    • Coins

Daddy Daughter Date Idea #22 – Collecting Coins

Daddy Daughter Date #22 – Coin collecting.  Coin collecting is fun, safe and educational for you and your daughter. Most people think that you have to buy coins to start a collection, but you can begin with just the change in your pocket.


I noticed when we would need money for Boogie’s cooking show budget, she didn’t want to spend her quarters that had the States on the back of them. You know the ones that started popping up about 10 years ago. I realized that right under my nose she was a little secret coin collector.  So I began an investigation on these quarters with the states on them. In my research I found out that these quarters were apart of the  The United States Mint 50 State Quarters Program.

In 1999, the United States Mint’s launched a 10-year initiative honoring the 50 states in the order that they ratified the constitution or were admitted to the Union. The quarters were produced for about 2 weeks and are intended to never be produced again. Suddenly a light bulb lit in my head.

BoogieandMe can start collecting coins!! So I grabbed a old notebook binder that I found around the house, did some research on coin collecting supplies and I purchased a few inexpensive items off of Ebay. 2×2 Coins Currency Holders Inserts Sleeves Collector Pages, some 2×2 Cardboard coin mylar flips and a few collector pages for bank notes. All of which cost less than $15 bucks!!

Next, begins the hunt for coins. We started with the coins we already had around the house. We labeled the mylar flaps with the state and the year it became a state. Boogie loved this project. I would find Boogie asking friends and family for quarter coins missing from our coin collection. Kentucky, Maine, Hawaii, etc. Every time we received change from a business, we made sure we checked for coins that were missing from our collection. All I would hear are statement such as, “We already have Idaho Daddy!!” and “We need Vermont Daddy!!”. BoogieandMe were now official coin collectors. But there was something going on that was far better than the coin collecting!! Boogie was learning her states!! As a Dad I had to take full advantage of this opportunity. You can’t collect coins from the 50 states and don’t explain to your daughter the reason that there’s a peach on the back of the Georgia quarter and what the 1788 imprint represents. It’s only right to throw a history lesson in the mix. This Daddy-Daughter Date was such a success we decided to take it around the world and learn more about the currency of different countries used for commerce and trade and learn more about these places. It’s only right.!!! Lol. Luckily my profession has me in a diverse work environment with peers from around the world that are more than willing to help a Dad out on a date with his daughter by getting currency from there native lands to assist with this Daddy-Daughter Date project.

All jokes aside this has been capturing our attention for sometime and Boogie seems to like it a ton. Kids are very inquisitive and this date will open up a world of questions. I try my hardest to avoid Boogie’s questions being unanswered. So with this date we find ourselves going around the world often. Because if  I don’t know the answer, I simply tell her “I don’t know, let’s find out”.  This seems to be one of those dates that never ends. Why should it, there’s a whole world out there! Let’s find out more about it!




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