Daddy Daughter Date Idea #23 – Pick Your Own Fruit

Daddy Daughter Date Idea #23 – Pick Your Own Fruit



Things you’ll need:

    • time
    • a fruit picking farm

Daddy Daughter Date #23 – Find a pick-it-yourself-farm in your area, a great place to start looking is This site has a ton of resources. It not only helps you find a farm to pick your fruit, but it also gives you ideas on what to do with them after the picking. Find out what’s in season and plan an outing. Have fun planning what you’re going to do with the fruit you pick. Plan a few recipes. Have fun getting a little messy together and tasting as you go. Everyone loves picking fruit!! Nature’s candy!


  • Dress comfortably and seasonally appropriate. Sneakers are recommended or after a rainy night make sure you take your rain boots. It may also be a good idea to bring an extra pair of shoes and bags for your dirty shoes to avoid soiling your car.
  • Be sure to pack a hat and wear sunscreen if you’re picking on a hot summer day.
  • Bring a camera to capture all of the fun moments.
  • Before you start picking with your daughter, explain to her how to identify ripe fruit and the proper way to pick. (Make sure she doesn’t uproot the entire plant,lol.

[info]Picking fruit has been a pastime of BoogieandMe for quite some time.  As she’s getting older, some things have changed while others still remain the same. Such as the number one request of the entire day, “Can I eat one Daddy??” will never change but she’s now able to participate more in in preparing the recipes we create from the fruit. Our first time out this year started with strawberry season where we picked strawberries and spinach.  We’ve made everything from strawberry trifle, to strawberry jam, and even strawberry syrup (our first strawberry jam attempt gone bad.  Watery jam that we’ve decided to call syrup, lol) Dinner that night was mahi mahi, mash potatoes, and a spinach salad tossed in Italian dressing, followed by the strawberry trifle for dessert. Breakfast the next day was french toast with strawberry syrup. We never got around to making smoothies, darn!!! This is just a few examples of how something as simple as fruit and vegetable picking leads to experiences and conversations that lead to memorable moments



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