Daddy Daughter Date Idea #47 – Firsts



Things you’ll need:


  • A ‘First’
  • Time
  • Love


  1. With this recipe, the key ingredient is a, ‘First’. A first is an event or experience that your daughter will be experiencing for the first time. This can range from a first ballet or piano recital to a first performance, to the first day of school, etc.
  2. Plan for it! Make it an event to remember! If it’s a recital, go shopping together for a nice dress and shoes.
  3. Help her to practice and feel confident with herself!
  4. Buy her flowers, make her the center of the world’s attention!
  5. Make sure you’re there!
  6. During the ‘First’, show your support and encouragement! Be the loudest proudest parent there. It won’t go unnoticed.


‘Boogie’s First Piano Recital 12-18-14’


As a child gets older, we forget that the experiences they have are still ‘Firsts’. ‘Firsts’ goes beyond first steps, first words, and the first day of school. ‘Firsts’ can be the first time she plays soccer. The first time she begins piano lessons.Her ‘First’ recital. Her ‘First’ performance. A first is anytime she tries anything new for the first time. These ‘Firsts’ are where memories are made. As a Dad and as a parent we should always be mindful of the memories we’re creating when these ‘Firsts’ occur. Do we consider them important? Important enough to be there? Important enough to support and encourage her? Important enough to help her prepare. Important enough to make it ALL about her!

Boogie recently had her ‘First’ piano recital (which can be viewed above). Initially she was afraid to do it, but with a little encouragement and reassurance the fear was quickly overridden and we prepared for the best performance to ever be witnessed by man. We shopped for a new dress and shoes to this grand performance. We practiced diligently. During the weeks that led to the recital, she was a sight to see, because even when obstacles were thrown her way, she felt that the show must go on!!!!

The day of the recital was awesome. I watched her take charge and remain aware of her placement amongst the other performers. When it was her turn, she rose from her seat without cue and proceeded towards the stage. Only thing Dad had to do was sit back, enjoy the show while recording history with his camera. When she was in front of the piano, she turned to the audience and addressed the crowd. She sat on the piano bench and began playing. Another ‘First’ by Boogie recorded in the chapters of history! She delivered and awesome performance. As the crowd clapped, I could see the little dimple in her cheek that showed she knew she did well. She stood and bowed to the crowd then proceeded to return to her seat. She sat beside me and said, “I missed a note!” I looked at her and said, “you played beautifully!” History was made!! Afterwards, I had an opportunity to interview Boogie the Pianist. I was curious to learn more about what was going on in the mind of this up and coming star. Below is a transcript of the interview:

Boogieandme Interviewer (Dad): Boogie you just performed beautifully at you very first recital. How does it feel?

Boogie: Awesome!

Boogieandme Interviewer (Dad):Tell me about it. What was the best part of your experience?

Boogie:(Laughing) Leaving the stage!!

Boogieandme Interviewer (Dad): Now what were you thinking about during that magnificent performance?

Boogie: I was thinking that I was so nervous, but I can get through!

Boogieandme Interviewer (Dad): So are you telling me that you? Boogie? was nervous?!?

Boogie: UmmHmm!!

Boogieandme Interviewer (Dad): So what was making you so nervous?

Boogie: (Excitedly) I don’t know!

Boogieandme Interviewer (Dad): You performed like a star. You didn’t appear nervous at all!

Boogie: Well, I was nervous. My heart was beating very fast!! BUT!! I realized that my Dad was in the front, not in the back! Because if he were in the back, I would have started crying and ran back up there!!

BoogieandMe both begin to laugh.

Boogieandme Interviewer (Dad): So are you saying that your Dad was your motivation?

Boogie: YES!!!

Boogieandme Interviewer (Dad): Really! So what advice would you give to other little girls that are a little afraid to perform on stage and are still wondering if they’s like to perform in their recital?

Boogie: (Hand pointing forward towards the sky) I would tell them Go On Stage!!! Let the Show Go on!!!

Boogieandme Interviewer (Dad): What would you tell them to think about?

Boogie: I would tell them to think about the whole audience as being in their underpants!!!

BoogieandMe both begin to laugh.

Boogieandme Interviewer (Dad): Would you do it again?

Boogie: Yes!!!


‘Firsts’ are where memories are made!!



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