The J Boogie Cookbook: Pumpkin Muffins

BoogieAndMe have an hobby of taking photographs of different places together. She has graduated from a kiddie camera to an actual “Point and Click” camera. After introducing this hobby, I’ve noticed that she likes the video recorder feature above all things on her camera. I noticed she just like recoding video in general. It can be on her camera or her tablet. She just like to record video. So my thoughts were to give her a reason to use her video recorder. Thus the creation of “The J Boogie Cookbook”. This is where Boogie can be the star of her own cooking show. I will admit that most of the recipes will not be developed by her, but she does have several children’s cookbooks to choose recipes. This is the first installment of the series.


making Pumpkin Muffins from Trader Joe’s.



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