The Moral Dilemma of Christmas

Well it’s Christmas season again!!

The one thing BoogieandMe love is Christmas!! Decorating the tree!! Our yearly trip to Manhattan to see “The Tree” at Rockefeller Center!! Making ornaments at the local pottery shop!! The creative genius involved in planning gifts because in the BoogieandMe household, we know that the best gift that you can give someone doesn’t cost money!! It cost your time!! Then we have the yearly tradition of setting out milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas eve and waiting for him to come. But it seems that’s where the problem begins….

This year we’re having a slight issue, or shall I say I’m having a slight issue. Over the past few years Boogie has been building a case against her Dad that there isn’t a Santa Claus. I believe it began when she was about 8 years old. She came to me and said that one of her cousins told her that there wasn’t a Santa Claus. Can you imagine what demonic forces must be possessing a child to destroy Santa for an 8 year old?!? Who would do such a thing? To place a Dad in such a position? Where’s a good exorcist when you need one? Smh. Can you imagine how it feels being put on the spot by a 8 year old?!? I felt like I was standing trial!! My palms were feeling sweaty, I began to stutter and shake because I’d realized the delicacy of the situation. I was recalling past episodes of Dr. Phil in my mind, fearful that my answer will traumatize Boogie and give her trust issues for her Dad!!! Smh. What’s a Dad to do?!? This is the point where most parents go into confession mode throwing each other under the bus, “It was all your mom’s idea!!”, but I had to think quick!! She asked me once again, “Is Santa Claus real?” What do I do?!? Then the answer popped into my head as if it were a gift from the heavens. My mouth opened and I said, “remember what they said in the movie, “The Polar Express”? As long as you believe in Santa, he’s real! “Do you believe that there’s a Santa Claus? She said, “Yes!!” I then said, “well that’s all that matters.” As long as you believe in him, he’s real! She then says, “how does he get in, we don’t have a fireplace?!”  Smh. Why me?!?

I then said, let me tell you some secrets about Santa! Don’t think that Santa can do anything that he does by himself! Santa works for God! Santa can’t do anything that he does without the help of God. God gives Santa everything he needs. So if you ever want to know how he get’s in without a fireplace, how he’s able to be all around world on the same night, and how he goes unnoticed, just remember God made a way!

And the crowd goes wild!!! High-5’s all around!!! Woot!! Woot!!! Woot!!!. Daddy saves Christmas!! (Doing my touchdown dance!!) That was an awesome save, if I do say so myself!!! Can we watch the instant replay!! Never mind, let’s just make the movie!)


By age 9, the previous years explanation was doing well. We made it through the Christmas Season with no questions….until around January. It seems I had gotten sloppy. As every criminal eventually does. One day while cleaning Boogie found an old roll of wrapping paper under the couch that bared a remarkable resemblance to the wrapping paper Santa had used at Christmas. Typically, Santa’s presents comes in Santa’s special wrapping paper. That’s how you can easily identify his presents under the tree. Special wrapping paper, special notes, etc. But Dad….umm I mean Santa messed up. He didn’t properly dispose of the Christmas evidence. Smh. So Boogie comes to me and says, “Daddy isn’t that the wrapping paper that Santa used on the Christmas presents?” Once again a little 9 year old was putting her Dad in a rather awkward position. Who was the fool that left the wrapping paper under the couch?!?!? Just when I was about to say I’m not answering any further questions without the presence of a lawyer, my cell phone rang. “Boogie, I really have to take this call!” (Thank you Jesus!!) Mysteriously the evidence went missing and luckily the attention of a 9 year old for Christmas is only during the Christmas months so it was never discussed again.

Age: 10

Sherlock “Boogie” Holmes refuses to close this case. Her case is stronger then ever. I’ve managed to evade every attempt for further questioning. But I know the end is near. Or maybe it has already passed and I just haven’t accepted that the jig is up!. Last week Boogie came to me and said, “Daddy you’re Santa! You’re the one that gets my presents and put them under the tree. You’re the one that eats the cookies and drinks the milk.That’s why you’re always asking me if I told Santa what I wanted for Christmas! So you’ll know what to get me!!

Before I responded, I realized that her approach was different this year. She didn’t say that there wasn’t a Santa Claus. She said that I WAS SANTA CLAUS! It immediately made me think back to the story I told her about who Santa Claus really was, “one of Gods workers”. “Santa can’t do anything that he does without the help of God”.” If you ever want to know how Santa gets it done, God has made a way.” It finally hit me that I didn’t tell a lie to her at all. That’s why she didn’t question his existence, she questioned if her Dad and Santa were one and the same? I avoided the question by answering her question with a question invoking doubt in her. I asked  “So are you saying that I’m Santa?” She doubted herself and backed down, but I’m seeing that the end is inevitable. So on Christmas this year, if I’m asked directly…I repeat if I’m asked directly!! Only if I’m asked directly and she stands her ground without backing down will I admit to all charges for my role in this Santa conspiracy. But if I seen any sign that I can keep this going another year, I will use every technique possible to keep it going. Answering questions with questions, invoking doubt, you name it.

Now I understand how Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne, and Clark Kent may feel. It’s hard living a double life.

Merry Christmas from BoogieandMe!!


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