The Revolution Will Not Be Televised but The Destruction Will Be

[info]Those that know me, know that I write often on family and social issues in the African-American community. Most of my writings are only heard by a select few ears. I just save them and plan to make edits and changes to perfect them later. Often “later” never occurs and the inventory of writing have become a journal of thoughts. But I guess the reality behind it all is that I didn’t believe that my writings were making any change. I often thought to myself that maybe my thinking was wrong? Maybe my views are questionable? Maybe no one cares? But then I stumbled across a youtube video today that featured a young man by the name of Prentice Powell, a spoken word artist. He wrote a poem entitled, “Good Father” that he performed on the Arsenio Hall Show. The poem reminded me of writings that I’ve written and never published. It reminded me of the thoughts that are in my head. Watching his passion and pain reminded me of the motivation that keeps me going, but what I realized more then anything was that…. I wasn’t alone. Sometimes God has a way of giving you what you need exactly when you need it. When you think your not making a change, he shows you that someone is listening, even if that someone is you. Hats off to Prentice Powell. A Father. Check it out for yourself. Also check out my writing that was never published, The Revolution Will not Be Televised but The Destruction Will Be.



The Revolution Will not Be Televised but The Destruction Will Be

If you ask any teen today who’s Wocka Flocka and Nicki Manaj they’ll be able tell you in an instance. You ask the same teens who’s Marcus Garvey and Nikki Giovanni and I’m sure you’ll find them looking to the clouds for answers (maybe some adults as well). Our grandmothers and grandfathers, great grandmothers and great grandfathers grew up in a time when they were willing to give their lives to gain the same things that we take for granted today. Oppression is a bad thing but self oppression is worst.

I’m told often that I’m a good Dad and each time it’s said I respond back by saying, “You don’t know it but you just gave me an insult.” As the person looks at me baffled, I say to them, “To call me a good Dad means that you’ve been conditioned to expect less of me. I’m exceeding your expectations or you’re not use to seeing a Dad such as myself. Luckily I expect more out of myself than what society expects out of me. I prefer if you just call me a Dad”

If television airwaves were flooded with the images of Dads doing Daddy things. Actual fathers being fathers. Actual family sitcoms where families worked together through real family issues or shows that show 2 single parents working together, a mother and father, for the actual best interest of the child. I’m sure you will see society raising the bar on what sets the example for a good Dad. Cliff Hucktabell was a good Dad, But what you find on the airwaves are highly rated shows like “Pregnant at 16” , “”Housewive of Atlanta” and shows like “Tiny and Toya” which glamorizes babymommahood while the fathers of there children are off creating platinum songs like Lil Wayne’s “Every Girl in the World” that have lyrics which state, “I wish I could f$#@ every girl in the world” which are demeaning and show very low respect towards women as well as a poor display of respect to ones self. Shows that display imagery about drama, sexual promiscuity, and unfaithfulness, and the breakdown of the family. Shows that gives a warped view about the roles of parents. Shows that display Dads as nothing more than financial aid and everything about him is nothing worth respecting. The revolution will not be televised but the destruction will be.

My mentor once said to me, “With your views it’s obvious that you want to change the world. But if you want to change the world, the first place that you start… with your family.”  So I’m not looking for any validation, honorable mentions or compliments. I just have a clear understanding that there is a silent war being fought to acquire the mind of my daughter as it has with so many others. I decided to be apart of the revolution.

I’m here and I’m being a father. Based on my definition and not what society expects out of me. So I’m just revolting against what society is telling me is best for my child. The images that are displayed to me of what I should be. 72 Percent of african-american kids are born out of wedlock in the U.S. African Americans now constitute nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated population. Together, African American and Hispanics comprised 58% of all prisoners, even though African Americans and Hispanics make up approximately one quarter of the US population. I wonder if there are any correlations between these two sets of stats? I wonder if my absence in my child’s life can possibly have a detrimental affect on her. I’m not willing to risk finding out. The stakes are too high.

Society shows that they believe children need out of their fathers half of their income but only 14% of my time. Child support and every other weekend visitation. That is all that is expected out of fathers nowadays. This thinking has been so deeply embedded that people feel its normal. But one can be enforced by the government garnishing wages, but the latter can’t be enforced at all. No one cares about enforcing it as well. Luckily I’m a Dad that believes that my child needs 100% of ME. I understand that she needs a protector of her mind. I understand that her mind is being attacked everyday with weapons of mass destruction such as songs on the radio, and television shows on the TV. I understand that these attacks are fierce and the weapons are ruthless. But I understand that the revolution will not be televised.  I understand that some attacks are launched by the ignorant that don’t even know that they are being used as tools in a war such as the mother of Chaneya Kelly in New York who coerced her 9 yr old daughter to lie and accuse her father of rape having him sentenced to 15 years in prison . Now Chaneya Kelly a 24 yr old adult has to deal with the pain of being the party responsible for imprisoning her own father on a lie crafted by her mother. A man she loves and she was forced to do this by a woman that she loved as well. As I read the article I wondered what type of hate could make a mother do something so vile and to involve her 9 yr old daughter. This just helped me realized that  some of the weapons that are being used to destroy the african-american father are the role that should be supporting them the most. The african-american mother. Some have no limits to what they will say or do to accomplish it’s goal. The emasculation of the african-american male. It helped me realize that the family and it’s values have been broken down so much that the other 50% half of  the family unit has been convinced that Father’s are unnecessary and need to be destroyed by any means necessary. The revolution will not be televised but the destruction will be.

The revolution will not be televised, but it needs to be. The revolution will not be televised because those that are revolting, don’t even know they’re in a revolution. Their just being Dad’s. No paparazzi’s. No photo ops. No interviews. Their just being Dad’s. So if you know one of these Dad’s which there are many, just thank them for being a Dad. To other Dad’s that are in the revolution…Thank you and keep up the good fight!!! You’re changing the world.


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